A Story of female strength that started a long time ago...

Carla was founded in 1982 thanks to the passion of Carla Ragaini for handmade products. She applied her artisan skills to create items for all brides looking for a high quality design, taking care of each detail in the making. She started with a small yet whimsical bridal accessories collection, which grew over the time: headpieces, headdresses, hats, hairpins, veils, gloves, bridal shrugs, fabric flowers, wedding ring pillows, endowed with an alternative, gritty and unconventional style.

Carla based her manufacturing on a strong heritage, mixing the traditional craftsmanship with the typical Italian taste, always paying attention to detail, innovation and customization. The artisanal craftsmanship combined with the whimsical design, offers a guarantee of uniqueness and exclusivity of each creation.

The pleasure to invent accessories

that allow you to experience unforgettable emotions...


Carla is nowadays synonymous with a distinguishing style in the wedding accessory: eclectic, charming, ready to switch from a fancy elegance to a classic one. A large network of sales agents, together with the participation in the most relevant bridal exhibitions, have given Carla the opportunity to become a distinctive Italian brand, strongly appreciated in Italy and abroad for its gritty, refined and contemporary style.